Uber Pet Friendly Rides in Mexico, is it possible?

Uber Pet Friendly Rides

Let’s face it, if you are on vacation in another country you have traveled by plane, may be you’re wondering if is Uber Pet Friendly. The short answer is YES! Keep reading to find out more!

Sometimes mobilizing your pet, long distances and without having your own vehicle can be complicated. That is why both Uber and Cabify have had the pet friendly service for a few years in Mexico.

This modality allows you to request a pet friendly ride from your application with trained drivers willing to bring you a service for you and your pet.

How to request an Uber Pet Friendly ride?

You can directly request a Pet Friendly Ride for you and your pet with UberX. Simply choose “Tap to customize” under UberX and swipe to add Pet Friendly Ride:

  1. From your Uber app, enter your starting point and your destination
  2. In the Choose a ride section, select Uber Pet
  3. Tap Choose Uber Pet to confirm
  4. That’s it! When the driver arrives for you, you can get with your pet into the vehicle

Where is Uber pet available in Mexico?

All cities in Mexico where Uber operates allow you to bring your pet, otherwise, if the uber pet option is not showing up, there’s always the chance to previously notify the driver via instant message or by phone call.

Tips for bringing pets on Uber trips

In order to have a pleasant ride with your pet, keep in mind these simple tips:

  • They must be companion animals or domestic pets, for example fish, dogs and cats. Keep in mind that if you are traveling with a tarantula, snake or other animal that is sold in a pet store, it may make the driver uncomfortable or it may be up to him to deny you service.
  • Size matters, maybe your dog is a Great Dane, a Neapolitan Mastiff or a Saint Bernard and in adulthood they can be large, so they will not even fit together with you in the back seat. They must be small pets, because although there is no weight limit or breed of the animal, it is up to the driver to provide or deny the service.
  • Be a responsible human. If you take your pet in a car that is not yours, protect the clothes by bringing a blanket or protector to carry your pet, so that their hair, drool or any “accident” will not get into the seats.
  • Preferably carry it on a crate/carrier, if it is notpossible, then it should always be leashed and restrained during the trip.

Some frequently asked questions about  Uber Pet rides

Does the service have any extra cost?

Since you’ll be bringing along a pet, Pet Friendly Rides will cost more than other vehicle options.
In addition, if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you could be charged a cleaning fee. To avoid being charged a cleaning fee.

How many pets can I take per trip?

Only one pet per ride.

Is there a size limitation for my pet?

Although there is no real limit or breed or size of your pet, an UberX can transport a Pug, Maltese or Chihuahua dog without problems, but if your animal is larger, you may want to request an Uber Pet service in an UberXL.

Cabify Pet

Is Cabify pet friendly in Mexico?

Cabify is one of the most important mobility-by-application companies that exist; and just like Uber, it also offers pet friendly rides in Mexico.

For some years, Cabify has also implemented the pet friendly rides modality for some of its units, so requesting the Cabify Pet service is extremely simple:

  1. Open your Cabify app
  2. Select Cabify Pet category
  3. Select your starting point
  4. You can book your trip or request it instantly
  5. Click Next
  6. Select your destination point
  7. Click on «Request your Cabify»
  8. That’s it! a driver will arrive for you and your pet.

Some frequently asked questions about the Cabify Pet service

Is there an extra charge for traveling in Cabify with my pet in Mexico?

No, the Cabify Pet service has the same price as the Lite category of the service

Should I bring my dog ​​or cat in a crate/carrier during the trip?

The car seats have special covers for you to transport your pet, so it can travel next to you in the back seat of the vehicle. Yes indeed! You must always go with a leash or harness and held by you.

Is the service available anywhere in Mexico?

Not for now, the cities where this service is only available are:  Monterrey, Puebla,  Mérida, Mexico City, Tijuana,  Leon, Aguascalientes and Querétaro.

So now you know, if you travel with your pet in the same city and do not have your own vehicle or are on vacation in one of the Pet Friendly destinations in our country, now you can make use of any of these two mobility services per application and travel with them comfortably in Uber or Cabify.

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