What is a pet friendly hotel? – A complete guide

What is pet friendly hotel

You may be wondering, what is a pet friendly hotel? What makes it a place specially designed for pets? Well, keep reading that here we will tell you everything.

A Pet Friendly hotel is an establishment that allows you to stay in a room along with your pet. Many places have adapted their business concept to provide facilities specially designed for animals such as pools, playgrounds, and of course hotel rooms where to stay with your pet.

Features that a pet friendly hotel can offer you and your buddy

Although the benefits for pets can vary from the most basic to the most luxurious or even eccentric; here is a list of things that a pet-friendly hotel could offer its guests.

You have probably already guessed some of them, but some others will really surprise you. I have organized them from the simplest to the most incredible:

  • No extra fees for a pet in the room.
  • Apartments exclusively reserved for pet friendly guests
  • Common areas with materials and utensils to deposit your pet’s waste
  • Leashes or gift toys for your pet
  • Bowls for water and food for your pets (in some places they can be personalized with the name of your furry friend)
  • Beds for your pets
  • Special showers to wash paws and remove mud or sand from the beach
  • Special shampoo
  • Welcome kits with gifts and/or treats for your pet
  • Exclusive area for pets (from small wading pools to exclusive games)
  • Dedicated staff to provide their food or do recreational activities for them
  • Room service for your pet
  • Exclusive activities for pets.
  • Pet spa day

These features, among many others, are those that you can find in hotels that allow pets.

Frequently asked questions about pet friendly hotels

Yup! most pet friendly guests always email us asking for some advice about hotels where pets are welcome, so here we’ll try to answer the most common:

Are pet friendly hotels clean?

Yes! In fact most hotels charge a fee per pet-guests. This extra charge includes not only the amenities for your pet, but also a detailed room cleaning where a pet stays.

Can I leave my pet in the room all day?

Every pet friendly hotel has its own policies and these rules can vary among chain hotel, but generally you can leave your pet alone in a room for a maximum of 4 hours and hang a tag in the room’s door indicating that there’s a pet inside for cleaning service.

Some hotels require you to leave your pet inside a crate while there’s no one else in the room with it.

Are hotel restaurants pet friendly as well?

Once again, this policy may vary from hotel to hotel. Most of them, when they have more than one, have facilities for you and your pet, some others may not allow the entrance of your pet and it shall remain in the room while you enjoy your meal.

What kind of pets are allowed to stay with?

When we think about a pet friendly hotel, most times means: A dog friendly hotel. Some may let you stay with cats but not all of them.

Snakes, parrots, rabbits may no be admitted on a pet friendly room, so is better not to take the risk and leave them at home.

How many pets can stay in a room?

Most hotels admit only one pet (dog) per room, and some others could admit up to two small-sized dogs per room.

Is a size/weight limit for my pet?

Generally, a pet friendly hotel may allow you to stay with small/medium-sized dogs that not to exceed 40 lbs. weight. We encourage you to make a phone call to check with the individual hotel first when you book.

Is there an extra fee for pet friendly rooms?

Most Hotel Chains charge an extra fee for pet guest It may be a non-refundable pet guest fee or a refundable deposit to guard against damages.

In some cases is a unique fee for staying, bute some others is a fee per night. This extra cost will cover extra cleaning room, amenities for your dog and some other stuff.

Do I need to take my pet’s food with me?

In most places, the short answer is: YES! and we strongly advice you to do so. In some hotels you can request to the hotel concierge to get some food for your buddy, but not always it is possible.  Especially if you travel to a foreign country where not all brands are available it may be a problem.

Do pet friendly hotels have special requirements to stay with a pet?

Most pet-friendly hotels have the same basic requirements for pets:

  • Your pet must not be aggressive
  • Must be clean
  • Must not have fleas
  • You need to show to the concierge proof of current vaccinations
  • Your pet must use designated areas and owners must clean pet waste immediately and dispose of in designated receptacles

Pet owners are usually required to sign agreements stating they will be financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet and any expenses incurred by the hotel for pet disturbances.

Other common requirements include a non-refundable pet guest fee or a refundable deposit to guard against damages.

[source: Inns By The Sea].

Do pet friendly hotels have special policies for pet owners?

Pet owners are usually required to sign agreements stating they will be financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet and any expenses incurred by the hotel for pet disturbances.

What else do I need to know to stay in a pet friendly hotel?

Most pet-friendly hotels will request that you remove the pet from the room during housekeeping, and most prefer that you do not bathe your pet in the hotel bathtub.

Pet-friendly hotels must maintain the quality of their rooms no matter what the circumstance, so many ask that you clean dirt or sand from your pet’s paws before letting it enter the room. Some even supply special pet towels and wipes to streamline this process.

Some hotels require that pets remain on leashes at all times, while other hotels have leash-free policies and leash-free play areas.

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